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Pios Rodaman was born “Pio-Carlos Carrijo Roda” in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on  January 12, 1953. Rodaman began to study art while he was still in
elementary school. In those early years, he took drawing lessons at the Instituto Abel in Niteroi, followed by the study of artistic drawing with Ana Canella and
contemporary painting and art history at the Universidade Santa Ursula and Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage-RJ. A great deal of his training comes from his studies with
Antonio Machado, with whom he learned color theory, the importance of lines, and “free painting.” It is no surprise that with this extensive formal training and his own natural artistic
talent Rodaman has become an internationally admired artist.
In 1999, Rodaman was invited by Silvana Facchini Gallery, in the Miami Art District, to show the third phase of his work. It was then that he moved to Miami, Florida. As a mark of
this change in his life and his work, he began signing his work as “Pius Rodamano” (before 1999, his paintings were signed “Pio Roda”) and he began
utilizing the Encaustic technique. These creations were made of used motor oil, pigment, and wax, displaying the visceral passion Rodaman has for art. His
work was soon being used almost exclusively by an influential interior designer, Bill Chadwick, further inspiring the painter to create unique, expressive
pieces. When Chadwick passed away at the end of 2003, Rodaman was devastated. As a result, he did not paint for all of 2004.
In 2005 Rodaman picked up the paintbrush again, now signing his paintings “Pios Rodaman” (the suffix of this surname is in homage to his American mother,
Ruth Erman). His latest work showcases his talents using acrylic paints, and the paintings are still as lively and expressive as anything he has done before.
During this period, Rodaman was selected as a Signature Member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art -Artists'Guild (Boca Raton, Florida). Since
1990, Rodaman has had numerous exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Miami, Boca Raton, New York, and elsewhere and his work continues to
mesmerize and impress art enthusiasts and collectors.
Since 2007 Rodaman produces only Digital Art. Pios Rodaman's digital art works are a single archival-print, hand-signed and numbered 01/01.

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"Pios Rodaman's passion for composition and color has evolved through years of exploration of the figurative and the abstract. Yet Rodaman's work is not just artistic investigation;
ever since he created colors as a child soaking colored tissue paper in water, Pios has invested his personal growth into his work.
He has most recently brought the universal shape of the sphere into his oeuvre. Straddling the line between representation and abstraction even more boldly than his previous
works, Rodaman's sphere paintings present artistic issues of dimension, shape, color and beauty as fresh, floating, gleaming orbs-new worlds for us to consider. The result is a
graphic record of his struggles and triumphs. Pios Rodaman's ongoing evolution as an artist, hand in hand with his
personal growth and perseverance, has brought forth challenges and fresh possibilities of beauty; there's no telling where his future investigations will go, yet they are sure to
intrigue, challenge and move us."     Irene Khaytman

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